Les Assises de l'agriculture décembre 2016



We shot this film in one day and,as this is the 10th film we have produced for this community, we were able to add various illustration shots we had on archive.

“Les assises de l’agriculture” is a discussion forum who’s goal is to set development guidelines for the local agriculture. Mayors, academics, landowners, farmers and those in a supply chain related to the area were all invited to discuss and debate.

We used our tried and tested 2 camera approach and took special care to be able to grab audio from any open mic in the room. To do that you need your special bag of trick : adapters and convertors so you can take any feed you’re offered.

This was filmed on December 1st 2016 which is pretty close to the shortest day and although we brought lights, we had to set up just outside the forum entrance because of time restrictions. The sun was well into setting when we got the last two interviews, that explains the serious golden, yellow hues. Barely enough light!

Editing is very protocolar as all dignitaries have pretty much the same air-time and all get their principal message across. With a project like this balanced editing is probably the hardest thing to get right as the film is bounced off many people before validation.      

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